ATLUS revealed Metaphor: ReFantazio during the Xbox Games Showcase. Check out the Metaphor: ReFantazio release date, gameplay, and story here.

Metaphor: ReFantazio Release Date: 2024

The trailer that was shown during the June 2023 Xbox Games revealed the Metaphor: ReFantazio release date: 2024. Unfortunately, no further details were disclosed about its exact timing. It will be available on Xbox Series X|S and Windows.

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In 2017, ATLUS and STUDIO ZERO teased a game called “PROJECT: Re FANTASY”. It is confirmed that Metaphor: ReFantazio is that game's official name.

The people in charge of the game were also introduced:

  • Director: Katsura Hashino
  • Character Design: Shigenori Soejima
  • Composer: Shoji Meguro

All three of these staff also worked on the modern installments to the mainline Persona series, Persona 3, 4, and 5.

Metaphor: ReFantazio Story

Nothing much yet is known about the story and setting of Metaphor: ReFantazio but it is set in a fantasy world, already separating it from the modern world of Persona. The trailer provides a glimpse into several areas, such as a village, a castle, and a structure that looks like a coliseum.

Hashino said that tackling the high fantasy setting of Metaphor is “a fresh new challenge” for ATLUS, deviating from the Japanese high school setting that Persona has. “We're excited to share our unique vision for the genre, crafting a fantasy experience unlike any other.”

Metaphor: ReFantazio Gameplay

As expected, Metaphor is a turn-based JRPG where different characters form a party. Each character has an “archetype,” which gives them access to an arsenal of abilities. There is also “Synthesis” which has the sub-title “Team Up,” which may allow two or more members of the party to combine their power for a more powerful attack.

The social elements of Persona also carry over, as the trailer teases. There is a system called “Bond,” similar to the Confidants of Persona 5 and the Social Link of Persona 4. It wouldn't be too irregular for there to be romance-able characters, too.

The game also features a calendar-style progression. All of these features together make it hard to think that it's not just “Persona with a different setting,” and that's fine. Persona is ATLUS' golden goose, and what isn't broken shouldn't be fixed.