We've got MEweedle's 2024 Pokemon Go EUIC Winning Team here, and we'll analyze to see just what makes it so great.

If you have been following the Pokemon GO competitive scene, Maxwell “MEweedle” Ember needs no introduction at all. He is a former world champion having won the 2022 Seniors Pokemon Go World Championship. Most recently, he came out on top of the 320 Pokemon GO players at the 2024 Pokemon European International Championships (EUIC) in London, England.

During his climb to the top of the 2024 Pokemon EUIC, he impressively won all of his matches, winning 20 of his games while only dropping three losses. Ultimately, MEweedle's dominant run in the 2024 Pokemon EUIC ended with a cherry on top as he swept his grand final opponent, Alexander “Doonebug97” Doone, in the best-of-five grand final series.

With that said, we are going to explore the six Pokemon that made MEweedle the very best at the 2024 Pokemon European International Championships. Without further ado, here's MEweedle's 2024 Pokemon EUIC winning team and how he used them to win the crown.

MEweedle's 2024 Pokemon EUIC Winning Team

MEweedle's 2024 Pokemon EUIC championship party consists of Altaria, Lanturn, Skeledirge, Shadow Alolan Sandslash, Vigoroth, and Cresselia. To accurately describe his team, MEweedle's Pokemon party is a spicy one with many unorthodox choices mixed with standard picks.

As such, here is the entire team that pushed MEweedle to the top of the 2024 Pokemon EUIC tournament.

Altaria Soars Through Competition

Altaria has consistently excelled in Pokemon GO's Player-versus-Player (PVP) for a long time. In fact, it is currently the 68th-best Pokemon in the Great League this season. It is no wonder why MEweedle relied on his Altaria for his tournament run, most especially during his grand final match against Doonebug97.

MEweedle's Altaria ran with the Dragon-type fast attack Dragon Breath, the Community Day exclusive Fairy-type charged move Moonblast and the Flying-type charged move Sky Attack.

This version of Altaria is not only a bulky, defensive monster but an agile one too that can apply fast move pressure, thus making it a great lead and closer for each game.

With the tournament's result, we would argue that Altaria is the better Dragon-type Pokemon for winning tournaments (sorry Guzzlord fans).

Lanturn Lights Up The Battlefield

The latest patch at the start of the current season of Pokemon GO has seen Water-types dominate the overall meta. Thus, Lanturn is resurging as a natural counter to most of the top Water-type Pokemon in the meta like Feraligatr and Empoleon.

As it is a Water-type counter, MEweedle's Lanturn had the Electric-type fast move Spark to deal a good chunk of damage to both Water- and Flying-types in the tournament like other Lanturns and Skarmory. For the charged moves, MEweedle went with the obvious choice of the Electric-type move Thunderbolt and the Water-type move Surf to deal with Ground-types like Gligar and Whiscash.

In this very wet meta, MEweedle might have just proven to us all that Lanturn is the best fish out of all the Water-type Pokemon in the sea.

Skeledirge Reveals Its Strength

One of the newer Pokemon that is rapidly rising through the PVP ranks, Skeledirge is the best Paldean Pokemon in Pokemon GO, and MEweedle featuring it in his team is a testament to that.

With its hyper-offensive typing of Fire and Ghost, Skeledirge is good against Steel-types like Skarmory and an even better counter to the Psychic-type Cresselia. Furthermore, MEweedle's Skeledirge chose to run the Ghost-type move Shadow Ball and the Fairy-type move Disarming Voice for its charged moves, providing good coverage for his entire team.

Skeledirge might literally be new to the Pokemon GO competitive scene but it sure is making a name for itself.

Shadow Alolan Sandslash Slashes Through Opponents

Although there are better Shadow Pokemon in the overall Great League PVP rankings, MEweedle proved you can still trust Shadow Alolan Sandslash in a competitive team. Interestingly enough, MEweedle chose Shadow Alolan Sandslash over other Shadow tournament favorites like Shadow Gliscor, Shadow, Whiscash, and Shadow Poliwrath.

MEweedle's Shadow Alolan Sandslash ran the standard move set of the Ghost-type attack Shadow Claw for the fast move and the Ground-type attack Drill Run and the Ice-type attack Ice Punch for the charged moves.

This version of Shadow Alolan Sandslash is a spammy and flexible Pokemon that deals massive shield pressure with the amount of times it can unleash either charged moves.

With the fantastic finish, we fear Shadow Alolan Sandslashes will plague the online PVP matches once more.

Vigoroth Remains Strong

Despite Annihilape taking the rankings as the best Fighting-type attacker, Vigoroth, though a Normal-type Pokemon, stood its ground against all odds with MEweedle showcasing how strong it still is.

MEweedle's Vigoroth had good coverage as it ran with the Rock-type charged move Rock Slide to deal with the Flying-types in the tournament and the Fighting-type fast move Counter to eliminate Lickitungs that stood in its way. It also had the Normal-type charged move Body Slam to spam and conduct shield pressure.

With Vigoroth still capable of winning a championship as big as the 2024 Pokemon EUIC, maybe it still is the best Fighting-type Pokemon despite actually not being a Fighting-type Pokemon.

Cresselia Continues To Shine

Just like Altaria, Cersselia has reigned supreme for quite some time and still continues to do so. We might even label Altaria as MEweedle's MVP (short for Most Valuable Pokemon) with the number of times it was clutch during his tournament run.

Basically, MEweedle's Cressselia encapsulates what his team is all about: a good mixture of the standard and the unorthodox.

His Cresselia was extremely bulky which enabled it to stay on the field for quite some time. With that said, it was able to hold on to its dear life when it was on the field while also dishing out damage in return.

For its attacks, it ran a standard move set with the Psychic-type fast move Psycho Cut and the Grass-type charged move Grass Knot but with an unorthodox choice of the Fairy-type move Moonblast for its second charged move.

Sufficed to say, Cresselia is one Pokemon that must be in your party if you want to win.

MEweedle's Overall Tournament Performance

MEweedle's dominant outing in the 2024 Pokemon European International Championships started with a relatively easy cruise to the top of Group A, qualifying for the playoffs as the group's top seed.

The only blemish in his group stage record came from a single-game loss against his first opponent, jonininio. Unfortunately, the match was held offstream thus we have no information as to what exactly went down.

Nevertheless, his team was virtually unstoppable as he only suffered two game losses during the playoffs, one against James “LurganRocket” Smyth in the Winner's Semifinals and the other against Louis “Sandodou” Vrinat in the Winner's Final, but without dropping any series.

As for his team's performance, the two Pokemon that shined the most were Skeledirge and Cresselia.

MEweedle's Skeledirge had a great start during the tournament as it was a great counter to Cresselia. However, he eventually shelved the Paldean Fire-type starter as it is heavily countered by Shadow Gligars, Lickitungs, and Lanturns—Pokemon most of his opponents have brought.

As for Cresselia, the Psychic-type legendary Pokemon weathered through every Pokemon that tried to take it down, hanging by a single health point multiple times which led to the demise of many of MEweedle's opponents.

We hope this breakdown of MEweedle's 2024 Pokemon GO EUIC winning team serves you well. Maybe you can try some combinations of this team in your next PVP battles and see if the team is really good for yourself.

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