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Miami basketball news: Hurricanes officially under FBI eye

Jim Larranaga Miami

It didn’t take a genius to figure out that the Miami Hurricanes were one of the 10 schools mentioned in the FBI’s affidavit released earlier this week. However, it was never officially official. Now it is.

Only hours after Jim Larranaga’s lawyer released a statement denying any wrongdoing by the coach, Miami released its own in which it says the FBI has its eyeballs locked in on the school.

“We have confirmed with the U.S. Attorney’s Office that, at this time, it is investigating a potential tie to one member of our coaching staff and a student recruit,” the statement read.

Miami is not named in the report, and neither is the assistant coach or the student recruit, although it is believed that the recruit is Nassir Little, who Miami found themselves in a bidding war for, according to the documents.

Jim Larranaga, who released his statement prior to any of this, has yet to comment outside of it. Here is his statement:

“We are reviewing the allegations but I assure you they do not apply to our much loved Coach L,” Stuart Grossman told the Palm Beach Post in an email. “I just can’t comment further. It’s so difficult to respond to shrouded allegations.”

During the FBI’s presser on Tuesday, some harsh words were sent to all of college basketball:

“We have your playbook,” New York FBI Assistant Director in Charge William Sweeney said Tuesday at a news conference. “Our investigation is ongoing, and we are conducting additional interviews as we speak.”

As it is with all the people involved, this story is developing.