In a draft class that featured Luka Doncic and Trae Young, it’s easy to forget Denver Nuggets talent Michael Porter Jr. was drafted alongside those two stars. Rightfully so, because the once top prospect in high school basketball found his stock tumbling down because of a back injury. Of course, the same can’t be said about this young forward once he got the chance to prove his doubters wrong. It's why this post is all about why a Michael Porter card should be your next NBA card investment (especially if it's with his rookie cards).

While he played as a reserve for most of the 2019-20 season, Michael Porter Jr. found himself assuming a more prominent role during the Denver Nuggets playoff run. His performance in the bubble displayed a glimpse of his huge upside down the road. In effect, MPJ’s card prices benefitted from his bubble breakout to the point it even eclipsed his teammate Nikola Jokic’s cards.

Michael Porter Jr. enters the 2020-21 season with a bigger role in Denver’s rotation, thanks to the departure of Jerami Grant. Although he took some time off due to Covid-19-related reasons, his tremendous upside for the Nuggets remains evident. But that’s not the only reason why card enthusiasts should be investing more in him. Shown below are four reasons that would convince you to take Michael Porter Jr. as your next NBA card investment.

Michael Porter: offensive potential is exhilarating

When it comes to offense, teams around the league value the guy who can get the bucket no matter what. Porter has that capability, and the tools that come along with it. Standing at 6’10, the Nuggets’ small forward has what it takes to score from all three levels of the court. When his elite size, smooth shooting mechanics, and athletic ability are all put together, Porter becomes a scoring threat that will dominate most defenders in the league.

Even though his ball-handling skills are more than serviceable, a little fine-tuning can make Porter deadlier. Once that happens, he can drain shots from downtown with ease or punish those who would stand in his way towards the hoop. This can be seen in the first four games he has played for Denver this season. In that stretch, Porter garnered an average of 19.5 points, 1.8 assists, and 6.8 rebounds per game. He also made 42% of his shots from downtown, providing a perimeter threat Coach Michael Malone` can use against their opponents.

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MIchael Porter Jr., NBA Cards, Rookie Cards, Nuggets, Michael Porter Card

And if you still have a hard time imagining what his potential can be, just think of Kevin Durant or Brandon Ingram and how Porter can be like those two for the Denver Nuggets. And when that happens, you can expect an All-Star appearance or an All-NBA Team inclusion in this forward’s future, something that would greatly increase his card prices down the road.

He has the tools to become a defensive menace

One of the biggest drawbacks to Michael Porter Jr.s game is his lackluster defense. This is a given since most rookies enter the league without adjusting to its speed and tempo. Nevertheless, his lack of defensive awareness has caused Malone to switch him out in the late minutes of a game, especially during the Nuggets’ playoff run in the bubble.

MIchael Porter Jr., NBA Cards, Rookie Cards, Nuggets, Michael Porter Card

Things can still change in Porter’s favor as he starts his second year playing in the league. He possesses the necessary tools to possibly defend all five positions on the court. All he needs to do is to grind it out on the defensive end of the court and fight for those stops night in and night out. He has the height and skills to defend all five positions and make that happen. And when it does become a reality, Porter will get to add another feather to his young cap, turning him into the complete package, both on the court and in the eyes of the card collecting community.

His star is definitely on the rise

When card collectors choose a player to invest in, they look at the potential to be a star in the NBA. Michael Porter Jr. possesses the upside to make it big in the league. Apart from his offensive skills, the young forward plays for one of the Western Conference’s top teams last season – and potentially this one as well – the Denver Nuggets. And since being part of a winning team helps boost card prices and one’s presence on the national stage, collectors everywhere get to see what makes Porter such a high prospect before he was drafted into the NBA.

MIchael Porter Jr., NBA Cards, Rookie Cards, Nuggets, Michael Porter Card

Another reason why Porter’s star is becoming more and more visible is his presence off the court. Back in the bubble, he stood out and called out his team for more touches during their series against the Los Angeles Clippers. While most veterans would dismiss the young stud in that situation, it became one of the sparks the Denver Nuggets used to overcome a 3-1 deficit and win the said series against Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

The combination of a spot in a winning team and an outspoken personality will make Porter more visible to the public. And as that happens, his stock in the card market has the chance to go up as well. As long as he manages to steer clear of injuries and entertaining conspiracy theories, MPJ’s rookie cards are good to go.

Michael Porter cards are relatively affordable

Back during the Denver Nuggets’ surprising playoff run in the bubble, Michael Porter Jr.s’ rookie cards burst through the roof. At some point, they even eclipsed those of his two more prominent teammates – Jokic and Murray. But after Denver lost to the Los Angeles Lakers, Michael Porter card prices came tumbling down and stabilized to where they are now. 


As of the moment, the young forward’s Prizm rookie card can be had for as low as $35. This is a far cry to Luka Doncic and Trae Young’s cards, which are steadily increasing with each game they play. This won’t be the case when MPJ manages to contribute solid numbers consistently in the coming games. If this happens, card collectors would hunt his cards more and drive up the price in the process. Before that happens, it’s best to stay ahead of the curve by getting Porter’s rookie cards first.

Michael Porter Jr. is in a unique situation where he has the chance to be the Denver Nuggets’ third cornerstone. With his immense talent and a culture that will help him improve, MPJ has everything he needs to be a star that will last long in the NBA. For card collectors around the world, that’s enough motivation to invest in his rookie cards before his stock goes sky-high.