The Michigan football team won the national championship last season, but there are some people that think a down year is coming. It wouldn't be all that surprising. Jim Harbaugh left the program to be the next head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, and a lot of other staff members left for the NFL as well. The Wolverines have to replace their entire offensive line, their quarterback, and numerous other starters. However, Michigan running back Donovan Edwards is confident that the Wolverines' culture will help things stay the same.

Something flipped for the Michigan football team after the 2020 season, and that thing was their culture. Players like Aidan Hutchinson played a big role in that flip, and now that Donovan Edwards is a senior, he knows that it's his job to help keep the culture the same.

“This team has been built upon the culture, and the culture started when I was a freshman,” Edwards said, according to a tweet from The Winged Helmet. “That was Aidan Hutchinson, Josh Ross – they implemented what the team is all about. In my sophomore year, it was the exact same thing. Junior year, exact same thing. Senior year for me, exact same thing. So nothing is going to change with this program. Nothing is going to change for the culture of the team. Yes, there’s different guys, but these different guys are going to have to be able to understand what it’s all about to be a Michigan man…a Michigan Wolverine.”

Donovan Edwards will have a big role on this Michigan football team

Michigan running back Donovan Edwards picks up the trophy to celebrate 34-13 win over Washington at the national championship game at NRG Stadium

Donovan Edwards has been a perfect example of what a good teammate looks like during his time with the Wolverines. He is what the Michigan football culture is all about. He started his career behind Hassan Haskins and Blake Corum, then he was just behind Corum. It looked like Corum was going to leave after the 2022 season to go to the NFL, but he decided to come back, and Edwards was the backup once again. He didn't complain, he didn't hit the transfer portal, he just played his role.

Edwards has always cared about the team's success and the team's success only, and that is what this Michigan culture is all about. Now, the team's success will be relying more on him as he will be the starting RB for the Wolverines next season.

Blake Corum is now in the NFL, so it's Edwards' time to shine. He is no stranger to the big moment as he had made enough big plays in his career already to solidify himself as a Michigan legend. His two long touchdowns in the national championship game will play in the minds of Wolverines fans for years to come.

It's finally Donovan Edwards' turn to be the starting QB for the Wolverines. He has patiently waited for this moment, and now he is ready to have a big season.