Michigan football does not have an official starting quarterback yet. Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh has displayed hesitancy in naming who his QB1 will be in 2022. Harbaugh explained the thought process behind the on-going QB battle, per ESPN.

“We've plowed this ground about as thoroughly as it can possibly be plowed,” Harbaugh said. “Dating back to the summer when you asked the question, I said one could start, the other could start or a combination of both in the game. Those are the options. Happy that we've still got another week to look at it, as we said each would get a start. Make it as fair as it can be.”

Harbaugh has continuously affirmed the notion that both Cade McNamara and J.J. McCarthy will get starts for Michigan football before one is named the official QB1.

Cade McNamara shared his honest thoughts on the uncertain situation.

“I would definitely say it's pretty unusual,” McNamara said. “It was kind of a thing I wasn't expecting by the end of camp. I thought I had my best camp. I thought I put myself in a good position, and that was just the decision that Coach went with.”

McNamara seems to believe he earned the position. But Jim Harbaugh wants to give J.J. McCarthy a chance before rolling with McNamara. Harbaugh added what the plan could be moving forward for Michigan football's QB situation.

“I would prefer to have a starting quarterback going into each one and very transparent with that. Also, said if things are exactly the same as they were coming out of camp, they're pretty close to dead even, then we were going to have to — as coaches — find a way to maximize both of their talents for the best use of the team. That remains a very viable option.”

We will continue to monitor Michigan's QB competition.