Mike McDaniel's net worth in 2023 is $5 million. The quirky head coach of the Miami Dolphins has forced football fans to root for him, and he has the coaching skills to back it up. Let's look at Mike McDaniel's net worth in 2023.

Mike McDaniel's net worth in 2023 (estimate): $5 million

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A longtime assistant coach, McDaniel has burst onto the scene in recent years, taking the football world by storm. Mike McDaniel's net worth in 2023 is $5 million, according to SportsKeeda.

Mike McDaniel was born on March 6, 1983, in Greeley, Colo. He graduated from Smoky Hill High School in 2001 and played college football at Yale. While his playing career was nothing to boast about, McDaniel graduated from Yale with a degree in history and set out into the professional world.

Mike McDaniel's early coaching career

Mike McDaniel had a long road to his position as Miami Dolphins head coach with numerous stops. His NFL coaching career began in his home state, taking a position as a coaching intern under Mike Shanahan with the Denver Broncos.

His coaching experience started on a winning note, as the team finished 13-3 before losing out in the AFC Championship game. He parlayed the opportunity in Denver to a position with the Houston Texans as an offensive assistant. He assisted some future head coaches in this position, most notably Kyle Shanahan.

McDaniel took on his first position coach role in the defunct UFL, coaching the running backs for the California Redwoods and Sacramento Mountain Lions. He returned to the NFL in 2011 as a part of Mike Shanahan's coaching staff with Washington.

McDaniel worked on the often-mentioned all-star staff with Kyle Shanahan, Sean McVay, and Matt LaFleur. All four assistants are now head coaches in the NFL. In 2013, McDaniel was promoted to wide receivers coach but would not be retained under new head coach Jay Gruden. McDaniel's journey took him to Cleveland and Atlanta before getting his next opportunity with an old co-worker in San Francisco.

Mike McDaniel becomes offensive coordinator

McDaniel made the best move of his career, accepting a position with the San Francisco 49ers as the run-game coordinator. The 49ers were coached by Kyle Shanahan, who McDaniel worked alongside for nine seasons on the Texans, Redskins, Browns, and Falcons. After three successful seasons, which included a trip to the Super Bowl, Matt LaFleur left the team, opening up an offensive-coordinator position.

In 2021, Shanahan promoted McDaniel to offensive coordinator, allowing him to prove himself in the most prominent position yet. The team struggled to a 10-7 record but ran through the playoffs before losing in the NFC Championship Game. Shanahan achieved notoriety by debuting Deebo Samuel's dual receiving/rushing role, an innovation that carried the offense.

Mike McDaniel's first head-coaching job

After one season in charge of the 49ers offense, the Miami Dolphins hired Mike McDaniel as head coach. McDaniel signed a four-year contract, but the salary was relatively unknown. It is estimated that he is making around $3.5 million per year.

He burst onto the scene by besting Bill Belichick in the season opener to land his first career victory. McDaniel battled injuries to his starting quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, to lead the Dolphins to a 9-8 record. It gave the team their first playoff berth since 2016, but they lost a close game to Buffalo in the Wild Card Round.

Mike McDaniel in the media

When people think about McDaniel, they mostly comment on his quirkiness in the media. He is known to give open-ended answers that confuse the media and delight fans. He is a bit more open than some head coaches, opting to appear on podcasts and do media hits when some coaches prefer to stay away.

His power has begun to rise, appearing in commercials with ESPN and featured in sit-down interviews with major media companies. While his quirkiness may be second nature, it is the type of personality that can open up plenty of doors for McDaniel.

If it doesn't interfere with his job, this quality will land McDaniel endorsement opportunities to expand his net worth. However, McDaniel has only been a coordinator or head coach for two years, so his earnings aren't to the level of other head coaches.

Nevertheless, is Mike McDaniel's net worth in 2023 a surprise?