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California decree will change how Dodger Stadium, and other MLB ballparks will look this spring

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MLB ballparks will resume having fans in attendance this season at a reduced capacity, per Jen Buesinger of FOXLA.

For the large part of last year’s MLB season, games were being played with no fans in attendance. Similar to the other major sports, due to COVID-19, ballparks, and stadiums were reduced to just players, with fans having to watch on their televisions at home.

With three major medical companies coming out with a vaccine, it seems like we are on track to get back to some sort of normality. With that being said, we have to take this with a grain of salt because there still are restrictions on how many people will be allowed in, as well as the mandatory protocols that will be forced onto fans.

Last year, the MLB bubble playoffs were held in California and Texas, with the latter being allowed to have fans. We also saw in the NFL, as the seasons dwindled down that a small capacity of fans was allowed in, but we’re having to wear masks with little to no cases reported. Expect the MLB to adopt a similar variation of that protocol, where fans are allowed in but will have to be wearing some sort of face covering.

The hope is that following this decree, that we will get fans in the stadiums in all the other ballparks. With spring training underway, and fans in Florida allowed to be in the stands, the rest of the league will eventually follow suit and once again be a place where people can gather together and watch a ball game.