Trevor Bauer is still not participating in Major League Baseball activities as the the league continues to sort out his sexual abuse accusation from last year. Bauer was already cleared of charges from a legal perspective, but MLB could still opt to implement disciplinary action. Bauer has expressed his desire to return to the game, and it appears that a former MLB superstar’s son has his back. 

Gary Sheffield Jr., the son of MLB great Gary Sheffield, turned to Twitter to share his opinion on Bauer’s current situation. 


Sheffield Jr. is a rising voice in sports media with over 62K followers on Twitter. His voice carries weight and MLB could be made aware of his thoughts. Will Sheffield Jr.'s bold opinion do anything to allow Bauer to return to the field soon? Maybe, maybe not. But Bauer certainly has to appreciate Sheffield Jr. having his back. 

It was reported earlier today that Trevor Bauer filed a defamation lawsuit against the Athletic, and he had already filed a similar lawsuit against Deadspin. He is doing everything in his power to clear his name, but people will continue discussing Bauer’s history and reputation until MLB allows him back on the field. 

The league hopes to have a final decision on any potential punishment for the former Cy Young Award winner by April 16th. MLB also is aiming to interview Bauer but there has been no evidence that an interview has taken place at the time of this article’s publication. 

So for now, people will continue to take sides on Bauer’s situation. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, Trevor Bauer would be a major upgrade for an already stacked Dodger’s team if he were to return to Los Angeles this season.