This Major League Baseball offseason has been very different that most of them. On December 2nd, 2021, the MLB locked out the players. With the league's collective bargaining agreement with the players expired, the two sides attempted to negotiate a new deal after the season. However, the they did not come close to reaching a deal before the deadline. That prompted the owners to enact the lockout, and the ninth work stoppage in the history of baseball.

Fox Sports' Jeff Passan reports that the players union and the league officials have set a meeting date for next Monday. The MLBPA is expected to present their counteroffer to the owners.

“Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association plan to meet Monday, when the union is expected to present a counteroffer to the league’s proposal last week, sources tell ESPN. This would be the second meeting between the sides since MLB locked out players on Dec. 2.”

Last week, the owners presented their initial offer. However, it was unlikely to please Max Scherzer, the Major League Baseball Player's Association representative.

One of the players biggest issues reportedly included the significant increase in the luxury tax. That keeps penalties down for owners. They also were interested in earlier arbitration, earlier free agency, and a high minimum player's salary.

None of those issues were addressed in the owner's proposal last week. Depending on how staunch and aggressive the MLBPA are at the meeting next week, we could be in for the long haul.

Today marks day 50 since the MLB lockout began. If the players union and the owners do not come to an agreement soon, we may get a shortened season. Pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report in less than a month on February, 15th.