Critics of the MLB pitch clock are stuck with the new rule for the remainder of 2023. There will be no changes made to the pitch clock for the 2023 MLB playoffs, according to Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci. MLB's Executive Council told the Competition Committee Friday afternoon that no rules will be altered for the postseason, Verducci reports.

There was speculation that more time might be added to the pitch clock for this year's playoffs. When the bases are empty, pitchers have 15 seconds to start their delivery before getting a violation. The MLB pitch clock starts at 20 seconds with runners on base.

An average MLB game lasted three hours and three minutes in the 2023 season. The run time has been cut by nearly 25 minutes in 2023 with games taking an average of two hours and 37 minutes. In August, MLB games had an average length of two hours and 41 minutes.

MLB fans appear to be largely in favor of the pitch clock. Players seem to have quickly adjusted to the timer, though some have spoken out against the new rule. Max Scherzer hasn't been shy about venting his frustrations over the strict pitch clock rules. Scherzer will likely be pitching in the playoffs for the Texas Rangers.

The decision to maintain the rules creates the possibility of a playoff game ending because of a pitch clock violation. A spring training game between the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves was decided when a hitter incurred a strikeout because he wasn't ready to hit with eight seconds left on the pitch timer.