The patience of New York Mets ace Max Scherzer has been tested quite a lot during the first two months of the season. Even when things go well, there is no guarantee he will be completely content postgame. Such is the plight of a veteran pitcher forced to adjust to the MLB's new pitch clock rules.

After throwing a seven-inning gem (one earned run and nine strikeouts) in a 4-2 win over the Philadelphia Phillies, Scherzer again expressed his exasperation with the clock and the umpire's complete adherence to it, regardless of the situation. He normally throws eight warmup pitches but was halted at seven due to time constrictions. Mets fans can probably guess how the three-time Cy Young felt about that.

“Why can’t the umpire have discretion in that situation, to allow a pitcher to throw his eighth, normal warmup pitch?” an incredulous Scherzer asked, via Tim Britton of The Athletic. “Why do we have to be so anal about this to have a clock shoved in everybody’s face to snuff out every single second that’s going through the game?”

He is the not first one to insist umpires be given more situational freedom with the pitch clock. It is a fine line to balance but an important one that could have an impact on the game or a specific moment within the game. Just look at Chicago Cubs center fielder Cody Bellinger's return to Dodger Stadium back in April. The umpire penalized him with a strike for basking in the gratitude and adulation of the crowd instead of stepping into the batter's box in the allotted time.

Unsurprisingly, Max Scherzer found it preposterous and used it as evidence for why the implementation of the clock must be tweaked. Affording umpires more discretion is something that could be discussed by the MLB this offseason, but few can deny that this innovation has produced overall favorable results this year.

Scherzer himself has adapted to it and currently has a 3.21 ERA with 48 strikeouts in nine starts in 2023. The Mets (30-27) would prefer their star to be stress-free, but they will gladly accept a disgruntled starting pitcher if he continues to deliver on the mound.