Will the New York Yankees trade for Juan Soto? The Yankees and San Diego Padres have been rumored to be discussing a trade, but San Diego's asking price may present an obstacle in the teams' talks.

The Padres reportedly want pitcher Michael King, pitching prospect Drew Thorpe, and other prospects for Soto. The Yankees don't love the idea of dealing King and/or Thorpe away, per Jon Heyman of the New York Post.

“Yankees don’t want to give up King and/or Thorpe and found Padres’ latest ask so excessive they may pause Juan Soto talks — at least for today. (NYY does have a nice stash of other young pitchers so talks probably aren’t dead),” Heyman wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

The Yankees have enough pitchers to potentially keep talks alive, as Heyman noted. That said, San Diego still has a chance to compete in 2024 so they don't necessarily need to trade Juan Soto. They would prefer to receive something in return for him rather than watch him leave in free agency for almost nothing, but the Padres also want to ensure that his value is met in any trade.

Will the Padres trade Juan Soto to the Yankees?

Padres' Juan Soto swinging a baseball bat.

The Padres are open to trading Soto and the Yankees certainly seem to have interest. The final details of the trade are halting negotiations at the moment.

Finding the perfect trade won't be easy for either side. The Yankees don't want to give up too much prospect capital for potentially just one year of Juan Soto. That said, there is a chance that New York signs him to an extension if a deal comes to fruition.

The Yankees and Padres need to find a balance in their trade requests. San Diego needs to understand that the fact that Soto only has one year remaining on his current contract will lower his trade value. However, the Yankees also must remember that this is Juan Soto we are taking about, one of MLB's best hitters.

A trade can still happen. Other potential suitors will reach out to San Diego though, creating a sense of urgency for New York.