Marvel’s newest hero certainly made a splash when it premiered on Disney+ last week. Along with its compelling debut, fans were treated to a wide array of hidden details and trivia about the Fist of Khonshu. This week is no different as we take a deep dive into Moon Knight episode 2 easter eggs and what they’re all about.

Moon Knight episode 2 easter eggs

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Marc Spector’s origins

While Steven Grant was locked up in a car, the police who apprehended him said that Marc Spector was part of a mercenary team that murdered archeologists examining an Egyptian dig site.

This anecdote mirrors the character’s origins in the comics where Spector himself was, indeed, a mercenary. The catch here is that he turned on his team and got himself killed. At that point, Khonshu intervened, saved him, and transformed Spector to be his avatar.

Mr. Knight

As Steven and Layla were being chased by a monstrous jackal Harrow summoned, the latter begged the confused gift shop employee to summon the suit. After explaining that he can’t and staving off Spectors’ pleadings to give up control, Grant gets thrown out of the window. What comes next is a total surprise for viewers.

As Grant was standing up, it’s then revealed that he’s garbed in an all-white suit and a full-face mask with a moon sigil on it. This costume, and the personality that comes with it, are known to belong to Mr. Knight in the comics.

After decades of wearing his well-known hood and cape, Moon Knight decided to wear a suit to change things up as part of a Secret Avengers team, which was led by Commander Steve Rogers during that time. The costume became a hit among comic book fans and it has been used several times since that point on.


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After being chased by Khonshu earlier in Moon Knight episode 2, Steven bumps into a woman named Layla, who then claims to be Marc Spector’s wife.

In the comics, this part is played by Marlene Alruane. Like Layla, this character played a partner to Moon Knight’s activities and adventures. At several points over the past years, Alruane left Spector due to the dangerous lifestyle he led as a hero.

It remains to be seen how much of Marlene Alruane will be adapted to Layla in the Moon Knight series on Disney+. What’s certain, though, is that there’s more to Layla than meets the eye and the upcoming episodes will hopefully explain her part in Marc’s story.

Global Repatriation Council

At some point during the episode, Mr. Knight was thrown to the side of a bus while battling the jackal Harrow summoned. There is a GRC logo seen during this scene, which alludes to the Global Repatriation Council.

First seen in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the GRC’s primary function was to help citizens who came back after the snap and aid refugees affected by the incident.

This small detail links Moon Knight to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. It also confirms that the events of the series happened after Avengers: Endgame.

Rooftop chase

Steven’s battle with the jackal as Mr. Knight had him right in the middle of the road. This is where several bystanders and commuters stopped dead in their tracks to see the strange figure dressed in all white flailing around like crazy. It seems that only Steven can see the monstrous jackal, which if examined closely, resembles a werewolf.

This is a callback to Moon Knight’s origins in Werewolf By Night #32. In that issue, the titular character found himself battling Moon Knight after the latter was paid a large sum of money to bring him in alive. The comic ends with Spector beating the werewolf.

In Moon Knight episode 2, the rooftop chase can be seen as a callout to the hero’s comic origins. It also serves as a subtle moment that can generate more hype for one of Marvel’s rumored projects in the future, Werewolf By Night.