MotoGP 23 comes out next week, and to get fans excited for the launch the developers went into details of the revamped career mode. The article, which was posted on their official website, discusses topics like the debut season, turning points, social interactions, and emerging dynamics. Stefano Zanaboni, Lead Game Designer, talked about all the new changes.

MotoGP23 Debut Season & Turning Points

Zanaboni describes the changes to career mode as “Approachable, Emergent, and Dynamic.”

According to him, the player starts their career at the final part of the Moto3™  championship as a newcomer. This decision was based on the fact that the bikes are simpler and easier to understand. It'll help new players get comfortable with the gameplay and give them a taste of what to expect.

Depending on your performance, you'll either stay in Moto3™ if you did poorly or move up to Moto2™ if you did good enough. However, if you exceed expectations, you may just earn the opportunity to race in MotoGP™. But you'll have to prove yourself before you can just race with the best.

When your debut season ends, that's when things begin getting a little more complex. Introduce Turning Points, a decision making system that effects your career in every chapter. There are mid or long term objectives that you must complete, and the decisions you make affect the objectives.

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There are multiple turning points in each chapter, though the main decision comes at the end of each. Some of the smaller (but still important decisions) include:

  • The bike you choose
  • power-ups you'd like to use
  • behavior with other riders through your social interactions

An example of this is in the game's prologue. If you finish ahead of a certain rider in the penultimate race, you're given the decision to face off against the world champion of Moto3™. Winning that race will get you noticed by MotoGP™ teams. Losing the challenge in the penultimate race will give you another turning point with a chance to enter Moto2™. So not too many riders will have the exact same career path on their first try, which sounds interesting.

Social Interactions & Emerging Dynamics

Throughout your career, you'll obviously be judged not just on the performance of your races, but your interactions with other riders. If you're a good sport, other riders won't be aggressive to you. But if you're a sassy, reckless rider, then you'll likely build up some rivalries with racers who'll be way more aggressive with you.

But if you're an accommodating gentleman, don't expect other riders to just hand you the trophy. They'll still compete to win the race.

All the negative interactions create consequences, both short and long term. If you're a jerk, chances are some teams may not want to sign you. You need a certain level of reputation to join specific manufacturers, but being a good person can let you join their team, even if your reputation doesn't meet the requirement. Your interactions also dictate what objectives and goals you'll receive from your team.

To create a more emerging dynamic, there are now only two spots available in each manufacturer. You won't just be able to race for Ducati without racing for a satellite team first. You must capture the attention of the team you want to race for in order to be on their team. And even if you're good, not every team will want to sign you. Remember that your relationships and social interactions all affect who wants you and who doesn't.


As the second rider you don't have the control and decision making that the first rider and lead manufacturer does. But if you perform well, especially for a new team, you'll receive turning points for increased development opportunities. But you want to become the first rider, so you can make decisions regarding the bike's development. From there, you'll be gunning for the lead manufacturer position.

Lead manufacturers can make decisions regarding type A and B bikes, and have complete control over every aspect. It's the seat you'll be looking to take. With Turning Points, good performances, and a good relationship with other riders, you can slowly build your way up from a Moto3™ racer to the lead manufacturer of the best MotoGP™ teams.

MotoGP 23 Release Date

Here's the full article for those that are interested.

MotoGP 23 releases on Thursday, June 8th, 2023. It will be available for Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. For more updates on the game, check out ClutchPoints Gaming.