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MTG Strixhaven spoilers reveal 63 Mystical Archive cards

MTG, MTGA, Strixhaven Spoilers

It’s spoiler season again for Magic The Gathering fans, and there’s something for both tabletop and MTGA fans to enjoy. Perhaps the most exciting to come out of the Strixhaven spoilers for the new set is the 63 Mystical Archive cards. Learn more about them here.


Strixhaven bears a lot of resemblance to Harry Potter‘s Hogwarts. Hence, the new Magic The Gathering (MTG) set has a heavy emphasis on spells of all kinds. Being a school for magic and sorceries, Strixhaven has access to all sorts of spells from different planes. In fact, they have a library of some sort – a Mystical Archive of iconic spells.

These spells come from all over Magic’s history. They are reprinted in all-new card art and with special frames. You get one for each booster pack you open, so you’ll definitely get a lot of copies of these cards when you open a whole box.

So far, Strixhaven spoilers have shown us dozens of cards with new art, such as Day of Judgement, Counterspell, and even Lightning Bolt. While there will be 63 reprinted cards from the Mystical Archive, a total of 126 new artworks can be collected by die-hard fans. Aside from their English international card arts, these cards will also receive Japanese-inspired art with Japanese text. These beautifully-rendered Japanese cards will only be available from Japanese booster boxes. Their rarity will make them highly sought-after collectibles. They’ll surely fetch a very high price in the secondary market.

The Strixhaven Mystical Archive cards will be coming to MTG Arena, too. However, there’s a catch. You can only play with most of these cards in Draft and Sealed. A couple of the cards included in the Mystical Archive will not be added to the MTG Arena-exclusive Historic format. This is to maintain the balance of the format, preventing overpowered cards like Lightning Bolt and Demonic Tutor from breaking the game.

Strixhaven, MTG‘s latest set, comes out on April 23 in stores and on April 15 on both Magic Online and MTG Arena.