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Nasty Michael Jordan 1992 All-Star card set to shatter MJ price record at auction

Michael Jordan basketball autograph card All-Star game

Ask anyone about the impact Michael Jordan has left on the game of basketball and you’ll probably be showered with a lot of answers. That’s why it’s no surprise that MJ’s value in the card market has also reflected his potential NBA GOAT status. Case in point is this PSA 8 1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey Autographed card, as shown below in a tweet by Darrell Rovell.

In a recent auction opened by Goldin Auctions, the graded card has now reached $1,611,300 after 11 bids, making it the most expensive Michael Jordan offering in the card industry. In contrast, the previous title holder was another graded copy of the same card, which sold for $1.4 million last February. That card is numbered eight out 23, while the one currently being auctioned by Goldin Auctions is number 21.

The card itself features Jordan in his 1992 All-Star game uniform with a patch of it on the left side. MJ himself signed the card and labeled its numbering on the bottom right corner. Moreover, PSA certified Jordan’s signature with a grade of 9, making it a valuable piece of sports memorabilia in the process.

Jordan’s exclusive deal with Upper Deck has prevented the production of autographed cards in any of his NBA uniforms, which is granted exclusively to Panini. This development has guaranteed the low supply of rare Michael Jordan cards in the market, making them insanely more valuable.

As long as Upper Deck’s deal with Jordan remains, his supply of autographed patch cards will stay low. As a result, there will always be a lot of room for MJ’s stock to break new records in the card market, including this one from Goldin Auctions.