With just a few hours left prior to the tip-off of the highly-anticipated NBA All-Star Game, fans were treated to an early peek at the uniforms that the players will be rocking during the exhibition match. Well, unfortunately, the alleged Indiana Pacers-inspired jerseys did not sit too well with the vast majority.

For starters, here are the images of the All-Star unis (h/t ClutchPoints on Twitter):

Going through the comments section you can clearly see that the mean streets of Twitter did not hold back (as always) with its criticism of this year’s NBA All-Star jerseys:

They showed no mercy whatsoever. Honestly, though, the soccer jersey references were pretty funny — and somewhat accurate as well.

To be fair, the new All-Star uniforms do have a certain resemblance to the Pacers’ throwback jerseys:

Needless to say, the retro-inspired All-Star unis were not a hit among fans. While there were a few others out there that showed some appreciation for the thought process that went into the design of the uniforms (we’re sure the league spent time, effort, and money to come up with this), most fans simply did not. And they weren’t shy about making their feelings known about it, too.

At the end of the day, what the players will be wearing won’t matter much, really. What’s important is that they are able to put on a show for the fans, who at this point, do not seem to be in such a forgiving mood.