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Luka Doncic may attend draft if Real Madrid clinches championship

luka doncic

Top prospect Luka Doncic may attend the NBA Draft in New York if his EuroLeague team clinches the championship.

As reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Doncic — projected to fall within the Top 5 of the NBA Draft — will attend the ceremony if his team, Real Madrid, wins the championship on Tuesday.

Most mock drafts have placed him on lock as the second pick (Sacramento Kings). Yet fellow prospects like Marvin Bagley III, and Michael Porter Jr. are slowly gaining notice. For the past few weeks or so leading to draft day, their stock has risen considerably.

Doncic started playing professional ball at the tender age of 13. This year, he became the youngest regular-season MVP ever. Now he’s 19-years-old, poised to enter basketball’s biggest stage. Fans and critics are already raving about the latent potential he possesses. Doncic simply believes that he was born to play basketball, per Andy West of euroleague.net:

“I was just born to play basketball. It’s true that you have to play basketball with your brain. You need to be smart and make the right decisions. That’s very important. But it’s just natural for me. I really don’t think too much about making the right decisions at the right time. I play better when I don’t think about stuff like ‘What if I do this? What if I miss this shot?’

“When you think too much, you don’t play that well. When you don’t think, you can enjoy it and play basketball. It’s better this way and I think most of my best games have been when I’ve just enjoyed it.”