All reports indicate that the Philadelphia 76ers are leaning towards drafting Ben Simmons with the first overall pick. Assuming they do so, most draft boards have the Los Angeles Lakers taking Duke's Brandon Ingram with the second pick.

However, a lesser heralded prospect from Washington, Marquese Chriss, has rapidly climbed up mock drafts this week, and according to one NBA general manager, the Lakers would be wise to select him over Ingram.

From ESPN's Chad Ford:

NBA draft chatter from NBA general managers, scouts and agents is arriving constantly via phone, text and email.

And what I’m hearing are provocative comments — from GMs I trust with strong track records of truth-telling this time of year — that will help decide how the draft is shaping up.

Here are some of the quotes I’ve been given this week:

“The Lakers should take Marquese Chriss at No. 2.”

Talking to Lakers sources, I think Ingram is the pick for L.A. at No. 2

Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram
Getty Images/AP Photo, ESPN

Chriss is athletic, he can block shots well, and his jumper has excited some scouts, but NBC Sports' Dan Feldman believes he's much more raw than Ingram and he cites his struggles rebounding, despite his large frame, as a concern.

Feldman acknowledges that if everything works out with Chriss, his ceiling is probably higher than Ingram's. The difference is that Ingram can be depended on much more to be a good NBA player, whereas Chriss' future is unpredictable.

For the time being, it appears that Ingram is still at the top of the Lakers' list behind Simmons. During their meetings and workouts this week, Ingram said they went well and that he feels comfortable with the organization.

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