Minnesota Timberwolves combo forward Jimmy Butler was involved in a unique piece of NBA history back in the 2013 NBA playoffs. While a member of the Chicago Bulls at the time under head coach Tom Thibodeau, Reddit user [PHI] Tiago Splitter revealed Butler put together one of the most impressive physical feats the league has seen in the postseason, as he recorded three consecutive games without a single minute’s rest.

In the 2013 Eastern Conference Playoffs, Jimmy Butler played 3 consecutive games without resting a single minute. This has only been done two other times in the past 35 years: Allen Iverson in 2005 and Nick Van Exel in 1995.

Here is the complete list of guys who have played 48+ minutes in consecutive playoff games

As you'll notice, there are 4 players not included with the title: Paul Pierce & Rajon Rondo in 2009, Gilbert Arenas in 2006 and Kevin Durant in 2014. While they all played 48+ minutes for 3 consecutive games, they did not play every single minute over that span due to overtime.

Additionally, Iverson is the only player to not miss a single minute over a 3 game span who also played at least one overtime period.

When looking back, it’s quite a remarkable physical feat Butler accomplished from an energy and stamina standpoint. The playoffs are the toughest time of the season with players expending their most energy, and Butler has managed to not miss a beat in three consecutive high intensity ball games.

In truth, the NBA is a unique sport in which the history of the league is extraordinarily fascinating. Due to the high powered unforgiving nature of play, when looking back on NBA history we can truly appreciate the feats some players achieve especially under the brightest of lights on the biggest of stages.

For players themselves, it’s always humbling to be a part of history, and a dream come true when you write your name next to some of the greatest players that have ever played.

Butler may not be aware, but he’s a part of that club with his superhuman effort in the 2013 postseason. The Timberwolves main man will now try and push his franchise to the playoffs yet again under Thibodeau’s presence for a chance to possibly re-write the history books for a second time.