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2018 rookies asked trivia on Vince Carter, Muggsy Bogues and Vancouver Grizzlies


The 2018 NBA rookie class may turn out to be one of the most talented classes in NBA history when we look back in ten-fifteen-years, but they definitely need to brush up on their history of the league. Speaking with Sports Pulse presented by USA Today Sports, the big name rookies were put through their paces and quizzed about Vince Carter, Muggsy Bogues and the Vancouver Grizzlies.

It was definitely hit or miss for the rookies, but Marvin Bagley III answered all of the questions correctly which was impressive. The 19-year-old power forward out of Duke is now the franchise player for the Sacramento Kings alongside guard De’Aaron Fox. He was taken with the second pick in the 2018 NBA draft and is just one of numerous rookies we are looking forward to watching this upcoming campaign.

Another rookie featured in the quiz that should excite fans is Utah Jazz’s guard Grayson Allen. The 22-year-old comes with a mature game after prolonging his time at Duke University, where he polished his game and became more NBA ready. Allen was labeled a “dirty” player in college as he was involved in some questionable plays during his time for the Blue Devils, but his grit, grind and defensive playing style will suit the Jazz perfectly.

In another plus for the franchise Allen can flat out shoot the basketball from NBA three-point range which is going to help Quin Snyder’s men from behind the arc, an area they needed improvement especially in the high-powered Western Conference.

All in all this draft class promises to be one of the better ones in recent memory. Perhaps as deep as they come, this draft has enabled each franchise to get better in areas they have lacked. The NBA rookies were quizzed about the history of the game, but they’re soon about to be a part of it once the season tips off in less than two months.