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NBA stars Bradley Beal, Trae Young react to Emoni Bates – Chet Holmgren showdown

Bradley Beal, Trae Young, NBA, Emoni Bates, Chet Holmgren

Two of the country’s top prospects in Emoni Bates and Chet Holmgren had a showdown for the ages on Thursday in what was one of the most watched high school basketball games of recent memory. A number of NBA stars were tuned in to the highly-anticipated matchup, and Bradley Beal and Trae Young were some of the first to send out their reactions after what turned out to be an epic battle.

For starters, here’s a brief clip of Bates and Holmgren going at it as Team Sizzle (Holmgren’s AAU team) emerged with a victory against Bates’ Ypsilanti Prep in the exhibition matchup. The two stars went head-to-head all night long, and this sequence was a good representation of their duel:

With scouts intently watching, neither prospect disappointed. Bates finished with 36 points, 10 rebounds, and four triples, while Holmgren put up 31 points, 12 boards, and six blocks. This pretty much left Washington Wizards superstar Bradley Beal speechless:

Beal’s former teammate in Isaiah Thomas also enjoyed the high-octane contest:

As for the Atlanta Hawks’ Trae Young, he believes it’s too early to tell which of these budding stars are going to have a better career:

Whatever the case may be, it’s highly likely that we will be seeing both Bates and Holmgren in the NBA in the near future. These two youngsters have bright, bright futures ahead of them, and their careers are also likely to run parallel with each other in the next decade or so.