NBA news: Byron Scott says Rick Adelman, Chris Webber 'should definitely be in the Hall of Fame'
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Byron Scott says Rick Adelman, Chris Webber ‘should definitely be in the Hall of Fame’

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Former Los Angeles Lakers player and coach Byron Scott got a chance to weigh in on some Hall of Fame candidates while on The Jump on ESPN2.

Scott is particularly complimentary of former Sacramento Kings coach Rick Adelman and player Chris Webber. In fact, he believes both should be Hall of Fame locks.

Scott was an assistant coach to Adelman for two seasons,  and asserted that Adelman is a top tier coach and an organization changer, saying:

“Rick Adelman was one of the best coaches I’ve ever been around. Never got enough credit for the things he was able to accomplish as a coach. Didn’t like all the fanfare, he was just a guy who just came to work and if you look at every organization he went to, they won. I think, without a doubt, that Rick Adelman should definitely be in the Hall of Fame as a coach. He put Sacramento on the map.”

Scott praised another man who he had the pleasure of working with while coaching with Adelman, Chris Webber. He claimed that Webber was not only a great player, but a quality teammate:

“That list is so amazing, but I’m going to go with my man C-Webb. I coached him in Sacramento when he was at the prime of his career. You talk about a guy who could do it all: C-Webb was great in the post, he was great in the mid-post, facing up guys, unbelievable passer, great rebounder. His hands were like glue – if the ball touched his hands, it was his ball. The way he played the game and the way he cared about his teammates was just second to none.”

It’s nice to see Byron Scott stick up for his former co-workers. Hopefully, both get in the Hall of Fame, as they certainly deserve the recognition.