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Charles Barkley was once taught a lesson in taxes by Bill Russell

Bill Russell, Charles Barkley

They say that there are only three things certain in life: death, taxes, and Charles Barkley’s wildly entertaining stories. We don’t have a story for you about death, but we do have something that relates to taxes and well, Charles Barkley.

In a recent appearance on The Axe Files With David Axelrod podcast show, Charles Barkley touched on a number of subjects, including his beginnings as a basketball player, politics, and even the NCAA. In one of the most interesting parts of the discussion, Barkley shared an anecdote about the time when Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell once called him to give change his stance regarding the importance of paying taxes.

Here’s a transcription of the conversation between the two basketball Hall of Famers, via Steven Greenhouse, a columnist for the New York Times.

This is amazing on so many levels. Bill Russell is not Barkley’s father, but the way Barkley narrated him in the story, it sounded as though he is. Furthermore, Russell perfectly used a number of examples before he arrived at his point, and by then, it seemed as though Charles Barkley had already changed his mind about taxes.

It was not revealed by Barkley, however, whether Russell told him his own story on how he managed to win 11 NBA titles before putting down the phone.