A couple of videos recently went viral wherein former NBA player Delonte West was seen panhandling and wandering in the streets of Virginia. The cameras of TMZ Sports were able to catch up with the 38-year-old, and he has now broken his silence about the aforementioned clips.

When asked if he was okay, West revealed that he's doing fine. The former NBA combo guard acknowledged that he was indeed begging for money and that this was just something he had to do for his kids:

“It is what it is,” West said, via TMZ Sports. “I got children. I'm in between jobs. People can help me as much as they can, but you know, as a man I gotta do what I gotta do for my babies.”

West also spoke about his links with the BIG3 league, which he tried out for a couple of months back. Apparently, he got cut because of the tough competition, but West is still happy to have had the opportunity.

At this point, West is adamant that he's far from done in basketball. He may no longer be able to play the game, but he still hopes to remain involved in the NBA:

“I'm always involved in the game I love,” he said. “Last year, I was scouting for the Dallas Mavericks and the previous three years, I was an NBA scout for the Boston Celtics.

“I was actually looking forward to being a head coach or assistant coach in the NBA this season but like I said, it's a business that have a lot of people involved and wanna stay involved. Prayerfully, luckily I'll be up for discussion this upcoming season.”

West does not have any experience as a coach in the league, so at this point, he isn't exactly in line for a head coaching post in the NBA. Either way, we're just all hoping that Delonte West is able to get back on his feet at the soonest possible time.