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WATCH: Delonte West aimlessly wandering streets in Virginia days after panhandling viral video

Delonte West

A new video of former NBA player Delonte West is making its rounds all over the internet. Days after a clip of the troubled 38-year-old panhandling in Virginia surfaced, a new clip has now come out that sheds more light on West’s current situation.

A minute-and-a-half clip of West wandering outside a 7-Eleven store in Virginia was recently published by Daily Mail and, once again, it’s a pretty sad sight:

West has been battling addiction and mental health issues for pretty much his entire adult life, and this was one of the reasons why his NBA career came to an end nearly a decade ago. He has been in and out of rehab since, and more than a few former colleagues have reached out to him to try to help him out.

Most recently, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban gave West some assistance by literally picking him up off the street and trying to send him back on the right track. Unfortunately, West appears to have fallen off the wagon again.

This is an undeniably tough sight to see, especially considering how Delonte West was once a popular player in the biggest basketball league on the planet. We just hope he gets back on his feet soon.