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Delonte West’s cousin clears the air on recent viral photo of former NBA player


Delonte West spent eight years in the NBA as a serviceable point guard off the bench for a myriad of teams. However, he has become a laughingstock due to off-the-court controversies.

One photo of West made rounds online, putting him in a bad light. My Mixtapez posted an image of the former Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavalier guard that didn’t flatter him at all. The image’s caption claimed that the 6’4″ West is living on the streets due to drug addiction.

However, a Twitter user who claimed to be West’s cousin stepped forward. He tried to clear the air surrounding West with his words.


The cousin’s tweet called out the media for stirring news that took a toll on his mental health. He asked that sports journalists and fans treat the former NBA player with respect.

This isn’t the first time sports media and fans were called out for not respecting West’s boundaries. Juliet Spies-Gans wrote a brilliant thinkpiece in 2016 that tried to angle West’s problems better.

However, a recent video saw West in really bad shape after being beaten to a pulp by what appears to be a police officer in the middle of the road.

West was a decent player before playing his final season with the Dallas Mavericks in 2012. He scored a career 9.7 points per game on a 45% shooting clip. He was also respectable from long-range with his 37% shooting clip. He also averaged four assists and a steal per game.

However, people will most likely remember him as the Cavalier that may or may not have gotten intimate with LeBron James’ mother. This fact is something Delonte West must live with for the rest of his life.