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Dennis Rodman crashes Pearl Jam concert

Dennis Rodman, Pearl Jam

Basketball Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman will take every opportunity as a means to talk about North Korea.

Over the weekend, the former rebounding machine went onstage during a Pearl Jam concert at PJ’s Wrigley Field in Chicago. He did not go up there to sing a few lines of Even Flow, though. Rather, he took to the mic and touched on probably the only subject that makes him relevant these days, which is the hermit kingdom of Asia that is North Korea.

In addition to that, Rodman, while wielding a ukulele, also expressed his intent to be buried in the Windy City, per Madison Bloom of Pitchfork.

“You people here are the only people on this planet Earth [that] gave me support,” Rodman said, holding a ukulele. “I know one thing—on the day I die, I’ll make sure I’ll be buried in Chicago.”

Rodman has crashed a Pearl Jam concert before, so what happened during the past weekend wasn’t a surprise – at least to some people who’ve followed the band. Two years ago during a concert at Wrigley Field, Rodman got onstage and lifted the frontman in his arms while in the middle of a performance.

It can’t get Eddie Vedder than this.