NBA news: Draymond Green, Charles Barkley disgree over Kevin Durant
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Draymond Green calls Kevin Durant the ‘best scorer ever,’ Charles Barkley disagrees

Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, Charles Barkley, NBA

Draymond Green thinks his former Golden State Warriors teammate, Kevin Durant, is the greatest scorer in NBA history.

“Kevin Durant is the best scorer ever. Not even close,” Green emphatically opined on TNT’s basketball coverage on Saturday.

Barkley initially said that Houston Rockets superstar James Harden “maybe the greatest offensive player” in the NBA today because of his 3-point shooting ability — he pointed out that Harden doesn’t belong in the same class as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant because of his defensive shortcomings.

“I think James Harden could get 80 in a game if he went out and just said ‘I’m going to go get 80,'” Barkley shared.

Green chimed in on behalf of Durant, insisting that KD is the game’s premier bucket-getter, and not just amongst active NBA players.

“No disrespect to James [Harden], but Kevin is the best scorer ever,” Greeb said.

“That’s a fair [argument],” Barkley responded. “[But] I don’t agree with you,” though it seemed like Barkley thought Green was talking Durant’s prowess relative to the current era of basketball.

The ups and downs of Draymond Green and Kevin Durant’s relationship has been well-documented. Dray played a key role in recruiting KD to Golden State, allegedly texting him after the Warriors loss in the 2016 Finals. The stars developed a strong bond on the way to winning two NBA championships in 2017 and 2018.

But ever since a heated altercation during a game against the Los Angeles Clippers in November 2018, which seemed to be related to Durant’s lack of long-term commitment to Golden State, Durant and Green’s relationship has been rockier.

For what it’s worth, Durant’s career points per game average (27.02) is sixth on the NBA’s all-time list, a few spots ahead of Harden (25.13 PPG) who ranks 10th.