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Fan draws 30 NBA team logos on tortillas with Sriracha

NBA team logos Sriracha

With the opening of the regular season still two months away, NBA fans are continuously searching for ways to keep themselves busy as they patiently wait for the new season to tip off. With more than enough idle time available, a certain reddit user found a creative way to combine two of his favorite things in the world — the NBA and Mexican tortillas.

Yup, you read that right. A redditor with user name Tokyo-Sexwale was so bored — and apparently not that hungry — that he decided to draw the logos of all 30 NBA teams on individual tortilla wraps using Sriracha sauce.

To see is to believe, so here’s the link to one of the most eccentric fan arts of the summer, and perhaps of all time:

NBA Tortilla Logos

This part of the offseason — when the dust has settled on the free-agent fiasco, and with the start of training camp still a month or so away — is perhaps the most unexciting part of the summer. Most, if not all, of the significant player movement has already been completed, and fans become overly eager (or dreading, for some) to see their new-look teams finally get things going in the new campaign.

Every now and again, though, something great blossoms from this tediousness. This is exactly what we were treated to by this out-of-the-box artist and his edible art.  Most of the drawings are not exactly mirror images of the actual logos, but some are actually pretty decent, especially considering the medium used.

One thing is for sure though — Oct. 16 cannot come any sooner.