Wordle has been a massive trend in recent months, and by the looks of it, the NBA is joining the hype with its own version of the popular online game. Meet, Poeltl.

Now, we are not sure what’s the relation of it with San Antonio Spurs big man Jakob Poeltl–perhaps his name was just used because of the peculiarity of its spelling or rhyme with Wordle. Regardless, the new game is just as exciting as its inspiration and is for the true NBA diehard.

The game is pretty simple. You guess the name of the player shown in the silhouette. When you choose a player, it will show if you got the correct team, conference, division, position, height, age and number.

Here are the instructions on how to play it, according to its website:

You get eight guesses, try any current NBA player

Green in any column indicates a match

Yellow in the team column indicates the mystery player at one point played for this team, but does not currently

Yellow in the position column indicates a partial match to the mystery player’s position

Yellow in any other column indicates this attribute is within 2 (inches, years, numbers) of the mystery player

Of course with the popularity of Wordle, the game has been an instant hit in the NBA circle. A lot of fans have tried, succeeded and failed in the guessing game since it can really be difficult. There are hundreds of players today, and not everyone are as popular as the household names and superstar players.

In fact, many might say that they didn’t even know Poeltl before the game was named after him!

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Anyway, fans took to Twitter to share their reaction to the game:



The game is a true test of NBA knowledge, and it’ll certainly be difficult for casual fans of the game. For those who needs a little bit of help, it seems the silhouettes shown in the online guessing game came from the photos on the NBA roster page. Still, that’ll require someone to scour through a lot of per team pages just to find a close match.