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Gilbert Arenas claims Nate Robinson was ‘hurt’ more by Stephen Curry, NBA players’ reaction to KO

Nate Robinson, Gilbert Arenas, Stephen Curry

Nate Robison became the laughing stock of the sports world after he was knocked out cold by YouTube star Jake Paul in an exhibition boxing match last week. Among those who poked fun at Robinson was Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry. According to former NBA star Gilbert Arenas, this hurt Robinson more than the actual knockout punch.

Arenas appeared on Club Shay Shay to share his views on the matter. For him, losing to Paul was a trivial matter compared to the lambasting he received from his peers.

“I know because of the Currys and LeBrons, everyone laughing—that probably hurt his soul. I think that hurt more than the actual fight, losing to a YouTuber. But it’s your peers, letting them down. As a big bro to him, the letdown is if you don’t get back in that ring.”

Moments after Robinson got knocked out of his boots in the second round, Curry replied to an earlier tweet from the former NBA Slam Dunk champion, claiming that he’ll “shock the world.” Curry’s response felt like a subtle jab (no pun intended).

Though Arenas mentioned James, the Los Angeles Lakers forward didn’t actually poke fun at Robinson. LeBron, like many others, was instead in awe of Snoop Dogg’s commentary during the fight. Many even filled out informal petitions for the hip-hop legend to call NBA games or other sports.

Though a legion of fans and critics made fun of Robinson, a bunch of his good friends including Arenas never left his side. Robinson posted on Instagram to thank those who supported him even after his embarrassing showing.


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