NBA news: Kenny Smith says there could be Raptors-Blazers NBA Finals
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Kenny Smith says there could be Raptors-Blazers NBA Finals

Kenny Smith, Raptors, Blazers

NBA on TNT analyst Kenny Smith thinks that this year’s NBA Finals could feature the Toronto Raptors and the Portland Trail Blazers.

Check out the clip below posted by Jackson Frank of the Gonzaga Bulletin. Smith was thinking out loud but no one seemed to support his opinion.

As of this writing, the Blazers sport a 38-23 record for fourth place in the Western Conference. They are currently on a five-game¬†winning streak and if the playoffs were to begin now, they would face James Harden and the Houston Rockets. Though no one doubts the Blazers’ capabilities as a team, they haven’t really found much success when they enter the postseason.

Meanwhile, the Raptors have a 45-17 record for second place in the Eastern Conference. They’ve been one of the best teams in the NBA for the past few years. Unlike the Blazers, they’ve come close to the NBA Finals. The only thing that had been stopping them is the presence of LeBron James. But this year, James is out in the West. So will the Raptors finally get past the Conference Finals?

Perhaps time will only tell. But as Ernie Johnson replied to Smith, a Raptors-Blazers NBA Finals would be something different. If NBA fans are concerned, it’s a slim possibility. But you never know what can happen in the NBA.