NBA news: Larry Sanders explains why he preferred weed over prescription drugs
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Larry Sanders explains why he preferred weed over prescription drugs

Larry Sanders

Former Milwaukee Bucks big man Larry Sanders has recently given his two cents worth on the whole mental health issue that has taken the NBA by storm.

According to the 29-year-old, marijuana was his choice of medication to address his anxiety and depression. He decided against taking prescription drugs as a form of treatment for his conditions. This decision eventually led to his suspension due to violations on the league’s policy on substance abuse.

Speaking to Jackie MacMullan of ESPN, Sanders claims that the association had and still continues to have it all wrong in this regard.

“There’s still a lot of chastising by the NBA for the byproduct [marijuana] instead of digging in and looking for a cause,” Sanders says. “Everyone says the game is 90 percent mental, but we’re not catering to in that sense.”

Sanders does make a point here about the mental aspect of the sport. However, legalizing the use of marijuana in the league is undoubtedly a slippery slope that will be difficult to come back from.

Nevertheless, Sanders strongly believes that the NBA is looking at the issue from the wrong perspective.

“What the NBA is afraid of is a player saying, ‘Oh, I’m depressed,’ and they just want to smoke weed. That’s the league’s biggest nightmare. There were a lot of medications they wanted me to take that I refused to be on. My personal stance was to smoke marijuana. I had no interest in their drugs.”

Sanders is speaking from his own personal experience here, and although he may have somehow cured himself from his mental problems via self-medication, it cost him his career by doing so.