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LaVar Ball planning to offer ownership stake to future BBB athletes

LaVar Ball

After a publicized start, the Big Baller Brand is in dire straits. With the departure of Lonzo and LaMelo Ball from the brand, outspoken BBB figure LaVar Ball is looking for ways to keep the brand afloat. One of the solutions he came up with is offering upcoming athletes who will sign with the brand an ownership stake.

Larry Brown Sports reported that LaVar Ball is expanding his brand to athletes who want to collaborate. He detailed that the brand wasn’t meant to only provide his sons with quality apparel and that expanding to athletes outside his immediate family was in the pipeline long ago.

“I’m going to look for the next best representation of the BBBs and athletes. To get started, I mainly focused on my boys, and that was the thing, and people thought it was just going to be my three boys and that’s it. Nah, they got some superstars coming out every year, and I’m going to start approaching them,” LaVar Ball told Taylor.

“It’s going to be different on my part … I’m going to offer these next athletes ownership. That’s different than endorsement. And when that endorsement falls down, that’s what’s going to be the new business model.”

The BBB should be an intriguing brand to collaborate with for certain athletes. It has built a presence for its products, be it positive or negative. NBA fans are aware that the brand exists, thanks to LaVar Ball.

The products they put out–while ridiculously expensive–have gotten good reviews for LaVar Ball. Certain athletes would be more than happy to take a shot with the BBB.

However, players who decide to rep the brand of LaVar Ball should also be aware of the controversies surrounding it. Lonzo and LaMelo left a brand that got good press coverage. Lonzo revealed his reasons for leaving the brand involved BBB co-founder Alan Foster and the $1.5 million that went missing since his mother got sick.

It will be interesting if LaVar Ball will be able to pull any players with this move. If he manages to reel in a big-name athlete, then the brand will be set for years to come.