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LaVar Ball releases statement over controversial remarks during ‘First Take’ appearance

LaVar Ball

Big Baller Brand CEO LaVar Ball has released an official statement following yet another controversial appearance on TV.

In the said statement, LaVar, through his representative Denise White, said he had no intentions of sexually harassing host ESPN ‘First Take’ host Molly Qerim.

“[LaVar] was asked if he wanted to switch gears, in his mind switching gears was ‘changing the subject anytime’ and he said, ‘yes, you can switch gears with me anytime.’ At NO time was that intended or meant to be sexual in nature.”

Ball was a guest on ESPN’s “First Take” on Monday morning where he discussed several topics with the show’s hosts, including his son Lonzo Ball being traded by the Los Angeles Lakers. Then, when Qerim asked him if she could switch gears — meaning change the topic — the Ball family patriarch said something that made the female host visibly uncomfortable.

Still, Qerim handled the situation professionally, telling LaVar to stay focused before proceeding with her question.

Shortly after the show, ESPN released a statement regarding Ball’s comments, saying it was inappropriate.

“LaVar Ball’s comment to Molly Qerim Rose was completely inappropriate and we made him aware of that.”

LaVar is someone who isn’t afraid to show who he is on TV, and he does not care if people like him or not. He’s also someone who doesn’t apologize for anything that he says or does, even if it offends other people.

It is unclear if ESPN will ask LaVar to be a guest on their shows in the future, but the giant media network will be very careful the next time they will invite him for something.