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League executive says Cavs’ Kevin Love, Wizards’ John Wall own NBA’s 2 worst contracts

Kevin Love, Cavs, John Wall, Wizards

The NBA is just starting to flush out the poor contracts signed in an over-splurging summer of 2016, with the likes of Nicolas Batum, Evan Turner, and others receiving a handsome sum for little return in productivity. Yet one of the executives who spoke with Bleacher Report’s Ken Berger said Kevin Love’s four-year, $120 million extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers and John Wall’s four-year, $170 million extension with the Washington Wizards are “the two worst contracts in the league.”

Both contracts will pay these players a hefty sum of money into their mid-30s, but that is hardly the worst part of it. Love and Wall have been plagued by injuries during their respective careers, and while neither of them is currently enjoying the money from their extensions, they are currently out of action.

Love recently took back a presumed return date and is now noncommittal on a return, as the Cavs now boast the worst record in the league after LeBron James’ exit left them with a hollowed-out roster. Once a double-double machine, Love is no longer the board-inhaling, box-out bandit or the outlet pass king that made him a nightly triple-double threat as a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

After spending four years with James, he has lost a few steps when it comes to his aggression, partly due to getting used to playing in a secondary role.

At 28 years old, Wall’s body is quickly deteriorating. The Kentucky product has lost a half-step on offense, and his reported commitment at being a two-way player is now in the rearview mirror. He just underwent heel surgery that will keep him out until next season.

The Wizards’ 16-25 record at the halfway mark could take his only real asset away in Bradley Beal, mostly due to how tough his new max contract would be for a team to swallow.

Love and Wall are two aging, injury-riddled players showing diminishing skill sets and little sign of long-term longevity. The two would have been great trade assets years ago, but that ship has surely sailed after the recent chain of events.