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Magic Johnson reveals own documentary series in the works


Magic Johnson was one of many NBA legends interviewed for “The Last Dance,” the 10-part ESPN Films docu-series presenting a behind-the-scenes look at Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ 1997-98 season. Johnson, though, may have his own documentary coming to the small screen in the near future.

Per Meredith B. Kile of Entertainment Tonight:

And Johnson will be next! The former pro exclusively shared with ET that he’ll be getting his own documentary series following Jordan and Bryant’s.

“I’m coming after Kobe!” he was excited to share, noting that the doc will focus on his basketball career as well as his family and business endeavors. “You get the basketball part of it, but then also how I reinvented myself and how I went into business and what I’m doing today, so it will all come into this documentary. I’m looking forward to it.”

Magic Johnson, 60, spent 13 seasons as a star point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, winning five championships along with 12 All-Star selections three league MVP awards before his storied career was cut short with an HIV diagnosis. Since then, Johnson has served as an executive for the Lakers, later resigning suddenly in April 2019.

A Hall of Famer and champion in college and the pros, Johnson had a very successful career in basketball, winning a title in his rookie year in 1980 along with four more within the decade to make the Lakers the clear dominant franchise of the decade, owning a fierce rivalry with the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers during that time.