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Matt Barnes says somebody should ‘slap the sh*t’ out of Rudy Gobert

Matt Barnes, NBA

Former NBA forward Matt Barnes is pretty upset with Utah Jazz big man Rudy Gobert.

Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus on Wednesday and the NBA suspended the season as a result. The Jazz center jokingly touched all the mics of reporters recently. And now he has the coronavirus, as does Jazz star shooting guard Donovan Mitchell.

Barnes, one of the best NBA personalities we have, says somebody should “slap the sh*t” out of Gobert for his coronavirus behavior.

“He shouldn’t be. Someone should just slap the sh*t outta his goofy ass.”

Gobert clearly made a big mistake. He took to Instagram on Thursday to apologize for his actions. But it doesn’t appear Barnes is satisfied.

There’s a really strong chance the 2019-20 season is over. One would surmise every NBA player will get tested for the coronavirus, regardless if they recently played the Jazz and Gobert.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and NBA commissioner Adam Silver have mentioned that the season could start up again in July or August. If that happens, many basketball related events would be impacted. Events such as the 2020 NBA Draft and the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, for example.

The 2020 NBA playoffs were supposed to begin in April. That’s probably not going to happen anymore, as the league is going to be on hold for at least 30 days.

Barnes, who once drove his car just to fight Derek Fisher, was a true bad boy during his NBA days. This comment from him isn’t that surprising given how careless Gobert acted.