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Metta World Peace argues why Bill Russell is the GOAT over Michael Jordan

Metta World Peace, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell

Metta World Peace just made the GOAT debate a bit more interesting by declaring that Boston Celtics icon Bill Russell—and not Michael Jordan —is the greatest basketball player of all time. And he presented an interesting argument to defend his case.

World Peace appeared on the Fierce Talk with Ryan Garcia podcast where they talked about everything and anything hoops. Among the topics they discussed was the never-ending debate on who’s the real basketball GOAT. The standard for many is the number of titles won. Taking this similar logic, World Peace believes that Russell is the GOAT and not the Chicago Bulls legend.

“I think Bill Russell is (the GOAT), honestly. Bill Russell got 11 championships. I look at Michael as one of the greatest. But I think Bill Russell is the greatest. When you can win in your era. That’s what it’s about. Winning in your era. And nobody dominated like that. Not even Michael Jordan.”

It’s an interesting take. Perhaps the keyword here is “your era.” World Peace, who also previously said LeBron James is the GOAT, knows how vast the difference is during Russell’s time and Jordan’s. But whatever the case may be, the goal remains the same: To win at all costs.

From World Peace’s point of view, Russell utilized what he was given. Yes, there were only a few teams during his time and the NBA wasn’t comprised of global talent. Also, their training regimens weren’t as sophisticated as it is now. But Russell did everything in his power to squeeze out 11 titles in a span of 13 years and dominated the defensive end throughout his legendary career. And that’s GOAT behavior in the eyes of Metta World Peace.