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Metta World Peace declares ‘GOAT’ LeBron James even better than aliens

Metta World Peace, LeBron James

Metta World Peace sure has a way with words. His unbridled vocabulary was on full display recently when he declared Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James as the GOAT, while also comparing him to extra-terrestrials.

World Peace took to Twitter to make his bold claim:

Having had the privilege to play alongside both Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, World Peace could not believe at first that he would ever consider LeBron to be the greatest of all time. Such are the amazing things that James has been doing of late that even the likes of World Peace had to reconsider.

World Peace, who at that time still went by the name of Ron Artest, joined the Chicago Bulls as a rookie in 1999. This was right after MJ’s retirement, so technically, he was not able to play with the Bulls legend as a teammate. Nevertheless, this did not stop Artest from learning form Jordan, including that infamous rib-breaking scrimmage he allegedly once had with the six-time NBA champ.

As for Kobe, World Peace played alongside the fallen legend in L.A. for a few seasons. This resulted in World Peace’s one and only championship in his career in 2010. This was when Bryant was in his prime, and to be able to spend virtually every single day with Kobe allowed Metta to witness his greatness first hand.

Despite all this, however, Metta World Peace now considers LeBron with the title of the GOAT. For World Peace, James’ eminence transcends the planet earth, and he made this abundantly clear with his message above. This is also likely an ode to LeBron’s upcoming film, “Space Jam 2,” where he battles aliens in the world of the Looney Tunes — a sequel to Jordan’s groundbreaking animated film, “Space Jam,” from 1996.