Video: NBA players try out self-tying Nike shoes
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Video: NBA players try out self-tying Nike shoes

Nike made big waves today posting a video featuring young NBA players trying on their new self-lacing basketball shoes. Though the teaser doesn’t show the shoes, Jordan Bell summarized the video perfectly with his opening line:

“Oh sh**.”

The video, including players such as De’Aaron Fox, Kyle Kuzma, Jayson Tatum and more, showcased the players’ reactions as they tested the shoes out for the first time. The seemingly unanimous consensus was that the shoes were well worth the hype. After lacing up the shoes via his cell phone, Kuzma let a chuckle slide through his giant grin, saying “okay, these are so sick.” Fox, equally impressed, decided to play around with the lacing just one shoe at a time, had to sit down, exclaiming, “this is crazy.”

The shoes are expected to cost $350, which is a significant drop from the $720 price tag of their predecessor, the HyperAdapts. Another key difference is rather than the shoe having its own specific buttons to control the lacing, this new line seems to be solely controlled by an app or Bluetooth on a cell phone.

Nike, which is not new to creating captivating advertisements by any means, made a point to draw attention to one specific: all the NBA players in the video are young. There was a huge emphasis on the shoes, just like the athletes who wore them in the video, being the future of basketball.