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NCAA announces criteria for agents of student-athletes that are ‘testing the waters for the NBA Draft’

It is no secret that the NCAA loves its rules, especially when such regulations surround either eligibility or prominent student-athletes leaving the collegiate ranks in favor of the NFL or NBA. With the NBA typically drawing the most controversy due to many basketball players leaving school after only one or two seasons at the collegiate level, it has reportedly become even more difficult for those attempting to make the leap to the NBA — and those that will represent them going forward.

“The NCAA has officially added criteria for agents who wish to represent student athletes testing the waters for the NBA Draft,” reports Jon Rothstein of Sports Illustrated.

The first threshold that an agent must bypass is possessing a bachelor’s degree. Not only that, though, but agents must also be certified with the NBPA for a minimum of three years. Lastly, agents will be forced to take an in-person exam, which will take place at the NCAA’s office in Indianapolis, Indiana.

It is also worth noting that Los Angeles Lakers superstar forward LeBron James wasted absolutely no time in adding his two cents in the mix on Tuesday evening. As the NCAA continues to implement questionable sets of rules, James believes he knows where this root of this regulation stems from.

Of course, as it stands today, a student-athlete must play at least one year of basketball at the collegiate level before making their way to the NBA. However, because fo the NCAA’s refusal to pay players, many of these young kids are choosing to first play overseas rather than attend college.