Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic could be facing a suspension from the NBA after his cheap shot of Miami Heat forward Markieff Morris. However, while Jokic's shove from behind was uncalled for, he was retaliating to a rather dirty play by Morris himself.

ESPN NBA analyst Richard Jefferson made sure to point this out in his perfect analysis of the play:

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While Jokic took things too far with his shove of Morris, who had his back turned, it's understandable why he was upset. Morris started the skirmish with his unnecessary hit as the Nuggets star dribbled the ball up the court, sparking the emotional reaction. If Morris doesn't do that, Jokic doesn't come after him.

This still doesn't excuse what Jokic did, but Jefferson is just noting this simple fact. There's clearly bad blood brewing here, with siblings on both sides even getting involved. Markieff's twin brother, Marcus, called out Jokic on Twitter after the game, and then Jokic's brothers responded on Tuesday morning.

We'll see what the NBA decides to do about this skirmish. One has to imagine Jokic gets suspended, but will Morris get one as well? Stay tuned.