NBA news: Lawmaker threatening to cut Thunder's tax benefits for kneeling
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OKC lawmaker threatening to cut Thunder’s tax benefits for kneeling statement


Representative Sean Roberts of Oklahoma state has sent out a stern warning to the Oklahoma City Thunder pertaining to their decision to kneel during the national anthem when they take on the Utah Jazz in their first game inside the bubble on Saturday.

Roberts did not hold back, and basically threatened to take away the Thunder organization’s tax benefits currently provided by the state:

“If the Oklahoma City Thunder leadership and players follow the current trend of the NBA by kneeling during the national anthem prior to Saturday’s game, perhaps we need to reexamine the significant tax benefits the State of Oklahoma granted the Oklahoma City Thunder organization when they came to Oklahoma. Through the Quality Jobs Act, the Thunder is still under contract to receive these tax breaks from our state until 2024,” Roberts said in the statement, via Hicham Raache of News Channel 8.

Clearly, Rep. Roberts is against the act of kneeling during the national anthem. The lawmaker branded it as an “anti-patriotic act” that shows “disrespect to the American flag and all it stands for.” He also wasn’t messing around with his threat, expressing bluntly how he intends to use his power to cause problems for the Thunder organization should they permit their players to take a knee during the playing of the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

The Thunder have yet to comment on this statement, but if we were to base it on how the rest of the other teams have done it thus far, then it is safe to assume that players and coaches from the Thunder will likewise take a knee prior to tip-off on Saturday.