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Patrick Ewing concedes Michael Jordan will never stop trash-talking him

Patrick Ewing, Michael Jordan, NBA, Knicks Bulls

New York Knicks legend Patrick Ewing acknowledged his Hall of Fame NBA career “could’ve been a lot different” if it hadn’t consistently intersected with Michael Jordan’s run with the Chicago Bulls.

“I played 17 years and we played against the Bulls six times, and we were only able to win one of those times, and unfortunately he wasn’t there.” Ewing told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols on The Jump on Monday.

Ewing’s Knicks defeated the MJ-less Chicago in seven games in the 1994 Eastern Conference Semifinals. Unsurprisingly though, Ewing revealed that Jordan still won’t let him hear the end of it.

“He’s been talking trash from the first day that I met him. And he still continued to talk trash, telling me that I have never beaten him when it counted,” the NBA icon furthered.

Patrick Ewing and Michael Jordan met as high school recruits, as Nichols pointed out, and the smack talk between the two rivals still hasn’t stopped.”

“Even today, If i call him right now, he’ll still be talking trash to me,” Ewing added.

Ewing also reminisced on his experience with the Dream Team and the lasting friendships formed amongst the NBA stars who competed in Barcelona in the 1992 Olympic games.

“All of it was great…This was the first time we all got to spend significant time with each other. And everybody developed a much better bond. For instance, Larry Bird and myself …We took our comedy show on the road,” the Knicks great shared

Watch the Georgetown head coach’s full conversation with Nichols below: