Mention the names Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to any basketball-loving individual and you'll instantly be flooded with tons of reactions or anecdotes about the two legends. In a way, that's the same story you'll get from any true sports card collector. Both His Airness and the Black Mamba have lived out amazing NBA careers full of impressive achievements and countless records broken. That's why any rare card that features either All-Star is sure to fetch a pretty good price in the market.


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Case in point, these Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant Logoman cards that were recently shared by Find Your Trove on social media. Both of these massive pulls come from the 2003 Ultimate Collection set, feature the league's Logoman patch embedded inside them, boast on-card signatures from the two NBA stars, and brandish handwritten One of One marks. With these details in mind, it only makes sense for these cards to catch everyone's attention in the hobby.

Going further, Find Your Trove's video explains that a similar card that features LeBron James on it sold for $312,000 in 2016. Factoring in how the hobby took off during the pandemic and the increasing demand for sports cards, there's a pretty good chance these Jordan and Bryant Logoman cards can break the million dollar mark once they hit the market.

In a different post, PSA shared that these insane Logoman pulls of Bryant and Jordan have already been graded. The Black Mamba's One of One Logoman auto got a Mint 9 grade while the Jordan pull was only authenticated by the grading company. While these raw cards looked good before, it can't be denied that they are insanely better now that they have been slabbed.

With these Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant cards authenticated and graded, it'll only be a matter of time before their true values are determined. Whatever the outcome may be, these two gorgeous pieces of memorabilia will never go out of style in the years to come.