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Rasheed Wallace strangely compares Dwyane Wade to the great NBA icon—Randy Livingston

Rasheed Wallace, Dwyane Wade, Randy Livingston, LeBron James, Kevin Durant

Former NBA star Rasheed Wallace has a lot of things in his noisy mind recently. Aside from joining Penny Hardaway’s coaching staff at Memphis, it seems the outspoken big man has been preoccupied making hot takes on current NBA stars.

In a recent podcast interview with Million Dollaz Worth of Game, he said LeBron James and Kevin Durant won’t have the same success they have now if they played in Wallace’s era. While he praised them for being “monsters” in today’s game, he said they’re not cut out for throwback hoops.

The 46-year-old Wallace was also asked about Dwyane Wade, who he lauded for his scoring aggressiveness. Mr. Ball Don’t Lie agreed that The Flash would’ve held his own during their day because he likes playing with contact. Wallace, however, followed it up with a strange comment, comparing Wade to former NBA journeyman Randy Livingston.

“Before his (Wade) knee injury, he reminded me of a kid, I don’t know if y’all remember, a young bull by the name of Randy Livingston. That’s who he kind of reminds me of. Randy was a point, Wade was a two, but that athleticism for a guy his size, one way or another he’s gonna score.”

For perspective: Wade averaged 22.0 career points, while Livingston put up a whopping 3.8. While Livingston carved out a respectable career, playing for nine teams in 11 seasons, he wasn’t anywhere near Wade.

Can you name at least three teams of Livingston? Exactly. Wade, meanwhile, is a sure Hall of Fame inductee.

Rasheed Wallace has had his fair share of questionable remarks in the past, but his take on Dwyane Wade might be the worst.