NBA news: Shaq reacts to Chuck not naming him in his top 10 all-time
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Shaq reacts to Charles Barkley not naming him in his top 10 all-time

Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkley

We’re all stuck in self quarantine, and yet Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley are still at it on Inside the NBA. I guess some things will never change. As the personalities were naming their all-time top 10 lists, Shaq took exception to Chuck leaving the Los Angeles Lakers legend completely off his list.

The two argued alongside Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson as usual, but this time from their remote locations.

Here was Shaq’s less than subtle message to Sir Charles:

“..I have a problem with your list, Chuck. You ain’t got me in the top 10. Whatever you’re smoking down there in Reno, you need to take it back to wherever you got it from.”

When asked by Kenny Smith to explain his decision to exclude Shaq from his list, Barkley responded.

“I’ve never seen anybody like Shaq. Ever. Shaq is the most dominant big man ever, in my opinion. But, I put him behind Magic, Bird, LeBron, and Kobe. I didn’t put him behind anyone crazy.. Shaq is right there at 11, 12, 13.”

O’Neal has a clear case too be included in the top 10 greatest players of all-time. The man won four championship rings, and had a slew of seasons wherein he was undoubtedly the most imposing presence on the NBA hardwood. He won three straight Finals MVP trophies during his time playing with the Lakers and the late great Kobe Bryant, and probably deserves more than his singular MVP award as well.

But the names Barkely chose over The Big Diesel are no chumps either. There are a number of legends and NBA greats that have posted careers of equal impact and longevity as Shaq did. But the question is whether there are 10 of them.

Whatever your take is, let’s just enjoy that we still have this semblance of normalcy while waiting for the season to begin.